Welcome to The Field Wholefoods.

Australians are realising the health benefits of eating fresh, simple food in it’s most natural state.

At The Field Wholefoods, we’ve taken the idea of healthy, nutritious, quality food with no or minimal processing, and given you the opportunity to buy exactly what you need, in bulk, from a range of around 250 products — all with as little interference and packaging as possible.

The Field Wholefoods is a new concept in buying healthy, natural wholefoods in bulk.

Our range of over 250 products include seeds, grains, nuts, beans and legumes, dried fruit, flours, honey, oil and ready-to-eat energy balls We also stock a few every now and again treats, because life needs to be balanced.

It's up to you how you eat. No matter your diet type we have options to help get you a nutritious and healthy meal. We don't judge or comment, we're just happy that you're eating mindfully.

It's also your choice on how you shop. Most of our foods are unpackaged meaning you will have to either grab one of our recycled brown paper bags, or bring your own container and fill it with what you need. You then take it to the counter where you weigh and pay — simple really!

Why buying bulk is better.

•      Great value — We buy in bulk so there is no additional processing or packaging, meaning you get value for money.

•      You decide how much — Buy exactly what the recipe requires or stock up. You’re not bound by what a manufacturer decides to pre-pack based on their machinery and profit margins.

•      Healthy eating — Good quality, healthy foods is the best way for your body to get as many nutrients as possible.

•      Massive range — We have a huge range of healthy and nutritious foods, some of which are hard to find, all in the one shop. Our range includes Australian made, organic, and foods sourced from around the world.

•      Little or no waste — Our suppliers provide in bulk with very little packaging and you can help cut down on waste even more by bringing your own containers.

Healthy foods to suit your lifestyle

One of the downfalls of supermarket shopping is their lack of products for allergies or intolerances.

At The Field Wholefoods, the broad appeal of our products means we cater for people who follow Paleo, vegetarian and vegan diets; are coeliac, gluten, nut or dairy intolerant; are budget and/or environmentally conscious; gourmet foodies; performance/health foodies; and mums and dads who just want healthy, nutritious food for their families.